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Parkinsons Ireland

PD: first and worst symptoms noticed

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a progressive neurological disorder, and is classified as a Movement Disorder, as it primarily affects movement. It is variable in its progression, meaning some people progress more slowly than others and the symptoms can be effectively controlled with medication for many years.

Parkinson’s Disease has over 40 symptoms and everyone’s experience with it is different.

During a nurse zoom clinic, we discussed participants first symptoms noticed. What were the first changes they had?

50% of participants noticed a tremor, while other first symptoms varied.

Did you know 70% of people will experience a tremor, some may experience stiffness or rigidity and all will present with a slowness in movement, in some tasks, which may affect their mobility or fine motor movements.

We then asked participants what was now their worst symptom they experienced?

These symptoms included posture, tiredness, coordination among others.

What one person experiences will likely differ from the next. Not one person with Parkinson’s is the same.

A personalised approach should be taken to address the individual & the individuality of PD & it’s symptoms. 

If you would like to learn more about the 40+ symptoms and how they are #DifferentforEveryone, please read more here.

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