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A to Z of Fundraising

Parkinson’s Ireland relies heavily on fundraising, not only for donations but to raise important awareness. However, how you choose to fundraise doesn’t have to be restricted to donations or charity events.

There are many ways to get creative with fundraising, so we put together a list from A to Z of ways to raise money in aid of Parkinson’s Disease. If you know someone affected by the disease and you want to show your support, why not think outside the box and have a bit of fun with one of the many ways we have put together to raise money.

If you would like to discuss a fundraiser, need help setting up a fundraising page or would like to receive sponsor cards and t-shirts, please email

A: Auction: You don’t have to have ballots and items that cost an arm and a leg, but instead offer up some appliances or items that you no longer have use for, but some other friends or family might.

B: Book sale: Ask friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to dust off their old bookshelves and to gather a secondhand library where you may find a new read

C: Come Dine with Me: We all know the famous show, but why not have some fun of your own in the kitchen and prepare a meal for your friends while raising money at the same time? Ask your nearest and dearest to pair up and prepare one course each, with the agreement that all participants must donate an agreed amount to your worthy cause.

D: Dress down day: Ask your boss and colleagues to leave the business wear behind for a day and sport a casual look for a good cause – comfort and charity all in one!

E: Expert talk: Try get in touch with an expert in whatever field you choose (for example, mindfulness, motivational speakers, local activists) to give a talk on their chosen topic.

F: Football Match: There’s plenty of local football or GAA clubs willing to kick a ball for a good cause, or if you’re not part of a club you could bring people together for a fun five a side.

G: Games Night: Gather around and host a night of whatever games you choose – darts, ping pong, board games or drawing competitions.

H: Head shave: We’ve all heard of Movember, but what about doing the reverse of getting rid of your hair to bring attention and rise funds? You’ll certainly make a statement!

I: Icing decorating: If baking is your thing, why not host a competition on who can ice the nicest or most creative cookie? Make it even more competitive by adding a timer!

J: Jumble sale: There’s never a bad time to have a clear out, and what more reason than to collect funds for a worthy cause.

K: Karaoke night: Some people love the spotlight, some people hate it, but what better way to convince yourself you can sing if you’ve collected donations for it?

L: Local supermarket bag pack: There’s no better way to spend a rewarding Saturday afternoon than helping stressed out shoppers pack away their things with a smile for PAI

M: Marathon: Marathon’s take place across Ireland every year, and it is something many want to tick off their bucket list – it’s a win win if you can achieve that along with raising donations

N: Nature walk: If running isn’t your thing, why not promote your favourite local nature trail and ask people to walk it by your side while contributing donations for Parkinsons. You could even set a target like asking people to give €1 for every certain amount of steps and set a target.

O: Odd Clothes Day: This one is good for the office or even school, ask your colleagues or classmates to bring in a donation while wearing something odd. This could be anything from wearing mismatched shoes or stealing a different family members jumper.

P: Pyjama Party: This is inspired by the previous idea, but having a pyjama day in the workplace, school or college while collecting donations will go down a treat on a winter morning.

Q: Quiz Night: Why not ask your local pub or sports club to host a quiz night? This could include a themed quiz or even a bingo night. Local punters may even donate prizes which is sure to provide a night of fun and rewards for all.

R: Raffle: A tried a tested way, but it works, especially in schools and offices. However, remember that if you plan to sell tickets publicly a license from your local Garda station is required.

S: Sponsored swim: Although the Irish sea is freezing, having a quick dip has great health benefits and braving a swim on our shores will surely inspire your friends and family to sponsor your cause.

T: Tea Party: What better excuse than to round up your friends and neighbours for a good chat in aid of a good cause? Ask those attending to bring a baked good and a donation and you’re in for a great afternoon.

U: Uniform day: This doesn’t have to be restricted to your work uniform – you could ask your work colleagues or classmates to pick a theme and wear a uniform for the day according to it.

V: Variety Show: This is a great one for local clubs or schools to get involved in – if you know of people willing to take part in a talent show, reassure them that their performance is all for a good cause.

W: Wine tasting evening: A great alternative to heading out on the town and spending a fortune, round up your nearest and dearest and ask them to bring their favourite bottle of wine for a tasting.

X: Xmas gifts: Exchange Christmas gifts with local neighbours or local groups – ask a local club you are part of to bring a small Christmas gift to your next gathering along with a donation.

Y: Yes Day: Inspire people to say yes to a new or daunting challenge. Everyone has something they have been procrastinating or are too scared to try- for example, starting a new hobby, picking up an old one or reaching out to an old friend. Saying yes to something new, while also saying yes to supporting your cause.

Z: Zoo day: Visit your inner child by taking a day trip to the zoo. You can make this a creative way to fundraise by making a game out of it – for example, every time you see a sleeping animal, donate €1. Every time you see a mother animal with her baby, another €1. A fun way to support us!

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