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Parkinson’s Association of Ireland launch “My Parkinson’s Passport”

The new “My Parkinson’s Passport” unveiled today in Carmichael House, Dublin enables people living with Parkinson’s Disease and/or their carers to complete an information booklet about medications and treatment. It is hoped that having all the information to hand in one small booklet alleviates any additional stress on people living with the disease if asked to recall medications or provide information.

Lisa Wynne, Parkinson’s of Association Ireland specialist nurse said:

“This passport is a tool to assist those with Parkinson’s and allow then to have the information to hand. I would hope use of the passport will assist to avoid confusion, stress & repetition regarding medications & crucially timing of these medications, if attending health appointments, traveling abroad or hospital admission. It means all relevant details are on hand, when needed!

Lisa suggests people living with Parkinson’s carry it with them when they are out and about, attending a hospital appointment or travelling abroad as it serves as a place for all relevant Parkinson’s details to be stored within easy access – including medications and treatment such as dosage and timing, as well as emergency contacts.

“My Parkinson’s Passport” addresses medications that should be avoided in Parkinson’s Disease. Some health professionals may not be aware of these so it is important to be able to bring it to their attention. Other medicines can also worsen Parkinson’s symptoms or interact with Parkinson’s medicines.

Additional information pages relevant to those who may have advanced therapy such as a pump system or Deep Brain Stimulation can also be filled in as well as contact details for specialists which may be important if further information is required.

Medications can change frequently so Parkinson’s Association of Ireland ask that people living with Parkinson’s ensure their record is up to date or request new booklet from their national office.

Padraig Barry a director of Parkinson’s Association of Ireland has been living with Parkinson’s for several years. He commented:

“The passport is a peace of mind both to me and my family. I keep it with me at all times and I know that if ever I were to be admitted to hospital, for any reason, I won’t be given medicine or treatment that might adversely affect my current treatment plan. It’s easy to fill out and the perfect size!”

According to latest figures, there are approximately 15,000 people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) in Ireland. PD prevalence is continuously rising and is projected to double by 2040, primarily because of population ageing.

Speaking at the launch of the passport Paula Gilmore, CEO of Parkinson’s Association of Ireland commented:

“No one likes the unknown and when someone living with Parkinson’s Disease needs to go to hospital urgently (for any reason) it is normal for both themselves and family to worry that their disease and the treatment of it will not be taken into account. We believe that with the development of this passport we can help provide comfort and peace of mind to the thousands of people living with Parkinson’s in Ireland today.”

Parkinson’s Association of Ireland provides a listening ear and information on any aspect of living with Parkinson’s Disease through its national head office and its network of nationwide branches.

People living with Parkinson’s and their families can contact their specialist nurse through the support line at 1800 359359 and via the website. can often be the first port of call when someone receives a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease in Ireland. A recent redesign of the website ensures that people are kept up-to-date with the latest research and medical developments in the treatment of the disease. It provides a safe space for people with Parkinson’s to find the answers to their questions and offers advice and guidance on improving quality of life (body and mind). There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s Disease


Notes to Editor:

• For further information/interviews contact: Paula Gilmore

• Visit to find out more about the organisation

The passport will be available to download here – Here

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