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Do you like singing? Would you like to join in online with a choir?

Do you like singing? Would you like to join in online with a choir?

The World Parkinson Coalition invites you to join our free bi-monthly virtual Sing-A-Longs, led by Judi Spencer, WPC Canada Choir Director. Sing-a-longs are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every other month, with a fluctuating time depending on our guest director.

Anyone touched by PD who is interested in singing for whatever reason, whether for maintaining speech rehabilitation work, practicing breath, or for just having fun, is invited to join us with or without family members – even pets are invited!

To celebrate the diversity of the global Parkinson’s community, we will work to invite a co-host with Judi for each gathering. You never know who will join us, one month it’s a choir director from Ireland, another month a choir director from Canada. No matter where our guest directors come from, Judi is always at the helm making sure we have fun.
If you are a musician or director of a music group and would like to co-host a sing-a-long, contact Judi at

Register below to receive the zoom link and email reminders about each sing-a-long.

Once you register, you are set for the series. We’ll send a reminder one week ahead of time as well as the morning of the sing-a-long. Sincerely,
WPC team & Judi Spencer, Choir Director


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