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Mid-West Branch News

After the Summer recess in Sept, we were back in action again with an event in Limerick. The theme of the meeting was “SCHEMES & ENTITLEMENTS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITY.” The talk was given by Rose Anslow, Senior Executive Officer, Disabilities Services, St. Josephs Hospital, Limerick. It was a very interesting talk and gave a great insight into what is available from Government bodies. The talk was accompanied with a great handout. Once again there was a great attendance of 79 people, which shows the value and benefit of these events.

There was a “ Parkinson’s Community Meeting and Exhibition” in Cork on 7th. Sept. at The Lewis Glucksman Gallery, U. C. C. It was attended by 169 people, and it was a very stimulating day and included speakers like Dr. Jon Stamford, a Neuroscientist, with a double interest in Parkinson’s, as a successful researcher and a Parkinson’s sufferer. He stated during his presentation that he will see “ in his lifetime” that there will be a cure for this disease, which is great news for PWP.

One of the recurring things that was emphasised was that PWP should make absolutely sure that they take the proper medicine, at the right time, every day and make sure of the name of the medicine in case of hospitalization etc. Another thing that was spoken about was the importance of telling Doctors, Researchers, etc. how exactly how you feel, and to keep your G.P. up to date of side effects that may be occurring as a result of the medicine that is taken. The event was also attended by our own Pat O’ Dea, who gave his usual expert Ceili dance class.

In October we had our usual Monthly meeting in Limerick, the theme being “LOOKING AFTER BLADDER &BOWELS IN PARKINSON’S DISEASE.” We had what amounted to a full house, with 91 people in attendance for these sensitive topics. Rarely have we been treated to such plain and understandable language as presented by Ann O’

 Farrell, Clinic Nurse Specialist, Continence Promotion. We thank Ann for her well prepared and informative lecture.

Coloplast Ltd., a Continence Care Company, demonstrated their selection of products and literature in a most professional and friendly manner. Thank you.

As we go to press, one of our members, Frances Madden, from Parteen, Co. Clare, a 65 year old member of our branch (she was diagnosed 9 years ago) will fulfil a lifetime dream by Parachuting in aid of our branch. Think of it, 65 years with Parkinson’s jumping from a plane a couple of miles up. Visit her on her Website for more information, or her E-mail,  She surely is worth a few Euro, or a visit to Edenderry, Co. Offaly to the Irish Parachute Club on 31st. October. We wish her well on this truly fantastic venture.

We are also involved with The Limerick Women’s Mini Marathon in University of Limerick, and have issued all members with Sponsorship cards. We wish all the participants a great day.

The Limerick Lions Club are organising a Concert in aid of Limerick Charities, and have included Parkinson’s Mid West as a beneficiary. It will take place on Thurs.  29th. October at 8 P.M. at The Southcourt Hotel , Raheen, Limerick. The Garda Band will head up the Concert with guests OWEN GILHOOLER (TENOR), MAIREAD BUICKE(SOPRANO) and “ A CHOIR FOR ALL” A great nights entertainment is assured and is worthy of support.

Contact Billy Rice 061-228003







Frances Madden Jumps 10,000 feet from a plane to raise awreness for Parkinson's.


Frances was disgnosed with PD 9 years ago. What a brave lady to do a parachute jump in aid of the Midwest Branch. Good luck Marian!


The theme was



 This talk was given by Simon Wale, Senior Clinical Psychologist, St. Camillus Hospital, Limerick. There was an attendance of 82 people, and it was an amazing talk from this speaker, who gave an insight of his 20 years of experience in his field. His gentle tone and good humour made everyone at ease, and it was a fantastic success. There was a great Q@A session afterwards, it was so good that we ran out of time. It was great to see so people in attendance, and we hope that it is a sign of things to come for the Mid-West Branch. I have included 2 photographs of the occasion.



On 16th.February we had a Fundraising event at The Limerick Golf Club. We had a Bridge Morning, thanks to all that attended to make it so enjoyable and successful, please see photo enclosed. We would like to ask members if they can organise some event to get funds for the region because as we all know, we depend totally on funds being raised by voluntary efforts.  


On 3rd. March we had our usual meeting and the theme this month was;

 “ THE ROLE OF EXERCISE IN PARKINSON’S DISEASE.” Presented by EDEL HENNESSY M.I.S.C.P.Neuro Physiotherapist, U. L. Limerick.

There was a fantastic turnout, 73 people and it was not alone very informative, but also entertaining when the Q@A session started. It is very encouraging to see so many people attending the monthly events. We would ask members to keep up the good turnouts.We would also ask members to suggest a topic for our monthly events to keep things topical and fresh. on 9th. April we had a Coffee Morning at Bobby Byrne’s in Limerick, and it was a great success, with a good turnout, thanks to everyone that attended.


On 14th. April we had our usual Monthly Meeting, the theme being” YOUR PARKINSON’S MEDICATION” presented by EOIN BARRETT, SENIOR PHARMACIST, UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, LIMERICK. This was a hugely informative speech,attended by 67 people, and emphasised the importance of taking the proper medicine at the right time.  




Contact Billy Rice 061-228003


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