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Annmarie O’Connor hears from the Parkinson’s community in Living Your Best Life: A Parkinson’s Podcast.

In the first episode, Annmarie shares the story of her early-onset Parkinson’s diagnosis and how routine, education, and perspective help her live her best life.

In the second episode, Jerome Maume shares his story of early-onset Parkinson’s and how exercise, singing, and a positive attitude help him.

Parkinson’s advocate and co-founder of My Moves Matter app, Richelle Flanagan shares her story in the third episode of early-onset Parkinson’s and the symptoms she experienced while pregnant.

In the fourth episode, Kate Wilkinson, whose husband Tony was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015, shares her experience as a spouse becoming a carer.

In the final episode, Annmarie hears from the Parkinson’s Association of Ireland’s specialist nurse, Lisa Wynne, who shares her experience of helping the newly diagnosed.

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