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5 Year Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022

Strategic Thinking

People with Parkinson’s in Ireland and their families have a variety of different needs and requirements – the ways in which Parkinson’s impacts upon people differs significantly from person to person. However, on the basis of the consultations and the research which have taken place in relation to the production of this Strategic Plan for the PAI it is evident that there are a number of needs which are common to many people with Parkinson’s in Ireland. These needs include the need for information, the needs for personalised advice and support, the need for socialisation and opportunities to meet with other people with Parkinson’s.

It is clear that many of these needs are currently unmet both by statutory organisations such as the HSE and voluntary organisations such as the PAI. In relation to the PAI there are significant constraints on what it is able to do on account of the shortage of resources. It is only able to employ two and a half workers to cover the whole country and this situation compares unfavourably to the United Kingdom and to Northern Ireland (where there is virtually one paid worker for each of the six counties).

In order for the PAI to provide a broader range of services to people with Parkinson’s it is imperative that the PAI employ more workers to provide the types of services and supports which are clearly required by people with Parkinson’s in Ireland. It is also important that the PAI recruit more volunteers to participate in the national structures and branch/local structures within the organisation. It is hoped that this Strategic Plan will enable the PAI to secure more resources (paid staff and volunteers). Without acquiring these resources the PAI will not be in a position to provide the types of services which are so urgently needed by many people living with Parkinson’s in Ireland.

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