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Parkinson’s Ireland Cognition webinar

Parkinson’s Ireland will be joined by Rachel Fitzpatrick, Trinity College Dublin, for a webinar on cognition next week, on Thursday the 16th May at 8pm.

She will discuss the SENSE-Cog Lewy study, which seeks to elucidate the prevalence and impact of sensory losses (hearing, vision, olfaction) in individuals who have PD or other LBD’s with cognitive symptoms, in order to inform diagnosis and management as well as improve the lived experience of people with PD or other LBD’s with cognitive symptoms, as well as their care partners.

The study aims to explore the complex interplay between sensory impairments and PD or other LBD’s with cognitive difficulties and is led by Professor Iracema Leroi, Professor in Geriatric Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin.

No registration is required. You can access the link here:

Please note the topic may be sensitive in nature and the content and views are that of the speakers and not Parkinson’s Ireland.

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