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Parkinson's Disease

General information relating to Parkinson’s Disease can be found below

What is Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s disease (Parkinson’s) is a progressive neurological disorder classified as a Movement Disorder.

Newly Diagnosed

This page provides some guidance on what you need to know. or do. once diagnosed.

Living With Parkinson’s

An optimistic outlook, maintaining your social life and being willing to adapt, all make for a better outcome.


Get information and advice about following a healthy well balanced diet suitable for those with Parkinsons.

Early Onset

In general, anyone diagnosed with PD under the age of 55 is said to have young-onset Parkinson’s disease.


Find out about supports available for Carers of those with Parkinson’s Disease.


Those with PD require a tailored regime depending upon their age, physical state etc.

Meeting the Neurologist

Get our ready-to-use Questionnaire for planning a meeting with Neurologists


Symptoms of Parkinson’s can be Movement and Non-movement related.

Alternative Therapies

Boxing, Yoga and Reflexology can be helpful to many people with Parkinson’s.


Get the answers to commonly asked questions relating to Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson’s disease (Parkinson’s) is a progressive neurological disorder, and is classified as a Movement Disorder, as it primarily affects movement.

Parkinson’s Awareness Week Members Schedule :

Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2023 11th – 16th April. “Pep In Your Step 4 Parkinson’s” Date – Tuesday 11th April – Time – 12 Noon – Women and Parkinson’s “Why personalization by sex and gender is important for Parkinson’s” by Richelle Flanagan. Zoom Login Link – Meeting ID 856 2705 1587 Passcode 906308 Time –…

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