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Parkinson’s Association of Ireland Survey

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Dear members

The Board of PAI were successful in an application to Microsoft in competition with other charities to develop a device to help our patients to access PD information to help living with the condition a little easier. There will be various departments in the device to keep a diary, record your symptoms, understand your medication, how to take it etc. You might say we have booklets for this but this device will have all the information in one place, easy for you to access and also for your family members and carers.

We have been working on this for several weeks so this short survey will help us at this stage.

When you ratified us as your new board it was agreed that the connection between the board and the association would have to change.
Zoom calls every two months was top of the list so we can share what plans we hope to achieve and to hear what you the members are doing throughout the country.

The next aim was to keep our ear to the ground to look out for new projects which would improve the development of the association.
We were made aware of an opportunity to apply to Microsoft with an Alliance of companies to identify a problem our members have and to look to this new group for a solution.

As a board we are all hands on with members and their needs through our work in our Branches so this project was easily identified
We have been working with Microsoft on a project which will benefit PD patients. The group involved are like minded people from various businesses in Ireland. We are working to develop a device to help track and share information. We believe this device will have the potential to improve the day to day life of PD patients. Please find below a link to a survey for this project. We would encourage members to complete and submit the survey as the more data we collect the better the device will be. Your assistance for this project is greatly appreciated

Please complete and submit it as soon as you can, as the more data we can gather the better the device will be.
Your assistance with this project is greatly appreciate it.

Thank you
PAI Board
Please submit it on completion.

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