New Dietitian Call Back Service for PAI Members

To ensure as many members can speak with a Dietitian, we have decided move from the Zoom Ask the Dietitian weekly sessions to an individual call back service. This service will start on Thurs 4th November. To access this service members need to contact the PAI helpline 1800 359359, which is open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Thursday and 9am – 5pm Friday and ask for a call back from the Dietitian. The call backs will be up to 20 mins for a member who has any nutrition and diet related queries. The service is not intended to fully assess a member’s nutritional needs but to answer nutrition and diet related queries and to signpost to dietetic and other health care professional services as identified for a more thorough assessment.

The Ask the Dietitian zoom call will finish with its last session on Thursday 14th October.

The New Dietitian call back service will commence on Thursday 4th November.

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