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Mindfulness Class 2023

Our Mindfulness Class with Dee Daly will restart on Monday 16 January 2023 at 7-8pm.

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Join Zoom Meeting

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Hi all,
Hope you all had a lovely summer.
The evenings are becoming shorter again, and it might be a good idea to become more relaxed
and focused using our breath and mind. I wish to invite you to attend breathing and mindfulness
classes with me Dee Daly on Zoom. New and seasoned participants are all welcome.
The benefits in attending and practicing breathing and mindful techniques can include
achieving greater relaxation, a calmer, more peaceful mind, an easing of emotions such as anxiety,
fear and even anger. Learning how to become more present to self, can help to create greater balance
in all aspects of life. Emotional well-being and sleeping problems can be addressed and improved.
There is empirical evidence existing to support the idea that mindfulness and body awareness
can improve movement control and general well-being for individuals with Parkinson’s. Our Monday
evening class is supporting us to set us up for the week ahead, it will include a mix of psycho-education,
breathing and mindfulness and an opportunity to meet others. Starting Monday the 19th of
September. Looking forward to catching up and to meeting some new individuals.
Dee Daly
Humanistic Integrated Psychotherapist
Adult Educator
Lecturer in Educational Psychology Contact No: 087 6219260

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