What We Do

The Parkinson's Association of Ireland is a charity, based in Dublin with branches throughout the country. Our aim is to assist people with Parkinson's, their families and carers, health professionals and other interested people by offering support, a listening ear and information on any aspect of living with Parkinson's. We currently receive no funding from the Irish state.

Our Objectives

Our Aims

We do this through educating the public and raising awareness of - and therefore hopefully - a greater understanding of and acceptance of - Parkinson's. We fundraise to help provide essential services, ultimately throughout the country. Currently our primary push is to finance the provision of Parkinson's Nurse Specialists, ideally working in association with neurologists or geriatricians, and again ideally half based within a hospital environment and half based in the community. That way, the patients have the best of both worlds. Having said that, two of the present three PDNS here are hospital based, and transforming the lives of their patients.

We however would like it all!

We attempt to lobby for greater facilities, such as access to physiotherapy, speech therapy, which can transform lives by maximising function, but which is not always available. We are aware that governments have budgets, but we feel that those with a neurological disorder are badly served, both with access to specialised care - essential with advancing progression of ithe condition - and the more modern treatment options, as well as the rehabilitatory services.

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