Patient Information Videos

Our nurse Alison introduces information videos for people with Parkinson's, and possible causes for a sudden deterioration or worsening of symptoms.

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Patient Information Videos - Causes of Sudden Deterioration - Top 10 reasons

Motor Symptoms




Stress or Stress Related Episode


Use of Contra-Indicated Drugs

Withdrawal or Change of Medication


Acute or Chronic Pain

Anxiety or Panic Attacks

Poor Sleep or Lack of Sleep

People with Parkinson's

David Walsh

Sinead O'Kane

The Parkinson's Association of Ireland would like to thank Brian Magennis, Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Nurse Specialist at the Mater Hospital, Dublin, and David Walsh and Sinead O'Kane for giving up their time and sharing their experiences.

Our thanks also to GSK Pharma company for their assistance in recording and producing these videos.


The information on these videos is not intended to be taken a diagnosis. Please do not make any changes to your treatment without prior consultation with your doctor or allied health care professional.

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