The New Music – Award winning movie made in conjunction with YPI

Movie : The New Music – After a Parkinson’s diagnosis a classically trained pianist embarks on a path of self discovery leading him to a punk band. Their rebellious lifestyle and music provide a distraction to his troubles and a sharp contrast to his old life. The New Music is a movie made in association with Young Parkinson’s Ireland and it is a non-profit production.

Classically trained pianist Adrian (Cilléin Mc Evoy) has a promising career ahead of him, all to be taken away after a Young Onset Parkinson’s diagnosis. Overwhelmed by fears and denial, Adrian runs away from the control of his up-tight family, destination Dublin. Here, he embarks on a path of self discovery leading him to the punk band The Cellmates, who are everything but up-tight. Their rebellious lifestyle and punchy music provides a lively and exciting distraction to his troubles and a sharp, freeing, contrast to his previous life.

The New Music premiered at the IndieCork Film Festival in 2019, winning the “Spirit Of IndieCork Award”.

Watch the trailer…..

Watch The Trailer

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