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Young Parkinson's Ireland (Diagnosed before 55)


Our Facebook Group - 'Young Parkinson's Ireland' - is up and running, with membership gradually increasing.  It is a good way for easier contact for those scattered around the country.  This is a closed group to maintain member's privacy.  It gives an opportunity to share ideas and concerns and support each other. As we are operating within the Parkinson's Association, those wishing to join will need to be members of the PAI.  Anyone interested please contact us at or 087 6383465 and once your details have been registered you will receive an invitation to join.

Our first social event was in the Mercantile Hotel in Dublin.  It was a great success, with some members coming from Waterford, Cavan, Mayo, though mostly Dublin.  Many people walked in knowing absolutely no-one (not easy to do), and walked out having made new friends and finding a lot more in common than just Parkinson's. 

It proves the value of these meetings, and the need to extend this outside Dublin.  Before the summer we will organise a social meeting outside Dublin.  In the meantime, we plan to have some smaller local meetings in areas in Dublin where we have some numbers, though open to anyone who's interested.  An event will be organised as part of World Parkinson's Week, and we hope some will join us for that and maybe form a group at the Annual Unity Walk in April.

We have the Committee, but equally important we need the participation of members - this is your group, and its success will depend on how many join and participate. So please work with us and contribute your views. If you have any interest in support of any kind for 'young onset' Parkinson's, this is your opportunity to come on board and influence how this group will develop.  Contact Cathy Pollard at 087 6383465 or

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